Basta sales challenge

Client: Bayer CropScience
Project / Product: Basta

Task: Global sales competition in over 80 countries

How do you give an established product a boost after years – without discounts or price reductions? Big Moments creates a sales competition for Bayer CropScience with more than 80 participating countries. Within five years, the product must significantly improve its position on the international market. Such a global incentive requires meticulous planning and a simple message that will go down well with everybody. From the marketing manager in Brazil to the sales representative in Japan. The Basta Sales Challenge sports experiences on a global scale: a specially developed desert tour through the Rub al-Khali, the largest sand desert on earth. A diving trip along the Great Barrier Reef, which also introduces non-swimmers to the beauty of the underwater world. Or days full of adrenaline in South Africa, including encounters with the great white shark and a flight as a co-pilot in a jet plane over the picturesque Garden Route. The competition casts a spell over sales teams around the world. After five years, we proudly say: Mission accomplished, to be continued, as other Bayer CropScience products have recognized the potential of Big Moments as well.