New Client? Nice

We love clever devices that brighten up your day: Talk of Town communicates smart home automation solutions for Nice group.

New year, new PR account for Talk of Town: Since January 2020, the Munich PR agency has been communicating for the Italian Nice Group, innovative leader in the field of home automation, home security and smart home. In an international pitch, the agency secured the extensive budget. The team reports directly to the Italian headquarters in Oderzo, Veneto, and the German subsidiary Elero.

As a multinational solution provider of automation and safety systems, Nice is working on the vision of a “world without barriers”. The company runs 14 production sites and 13 research and development centres in over 100 countries. In Germany, the wholly-owned subsidiary Elero is a well-known premium brand for electric drives and controls for roller shutters and sun protection systems. With the unbroken trend of home automation, customers increasingly demand more functionality and smooth integration of individual components. At the same time, building owners, planners and architects are focusing on sustainable, environmentally conscious solutions.

Window to the trade press

In a broad B2B/B2C PR campaign, advantages and applications of the comprehensive product range will be explained to end consumers and multipliers. The automation technology from Nice scores above all through the highest quality and safety standards as well as the seamless integration in various fields of application. We focus on an effective mix of news articles, case studies, editorial networking and excitingly staged Press Days. At the start of the campaign Elero presents the latest trends for silent visual and sun protection systems to interested trade journalists and industry insiders.

“We just love clever everyday solutions that are just as creative as our PR strategies,” reveals Annika Keilhauer, managing director of the Waechter & Waechter PR & Event GmbH. “In almost 70 years in our agency we’ve developed unique B2B campaigns all around the construction site, from photovoltaics, walls and facades to insulation, glazing and air-conditioning technology. Since 1948, we’ve accompanied the building boom in Germany live – today the approach is just a tiny bit more digital”.