Seahorses from Belgium

Sustainable PR for Belgium premium chocolate: Wächter PR relaunches Guylian in Germany

Guylian is now relying on Wächter PR in the area of lifestyle and public relations. The Belgian chocolate manufacturer is world-famous for its chocolate shells and seahorses. In an extensive B2B and B2C campaign, Wächter PR is to increase the awareness and popularity of Guylian among consumers and trade partners alike. The focus of a repositioning of the brand is to address younger audiences and the idea of sustainability in many parts of the company. Attention is being paid to Fairtrade, raw material sourcing, packaging and CO2 emissions, and conscious efforts are being made to find climate-friendly solutions. In order to place these topics in the media, among other things, editorial talks, interviews, seasonal updates, recipe inspirations, features on the topic of sustainability, but also press releases and live reports are planned.

“Germans eat an average of nine kilos of chocolate per year,” says Annika Keilhauer, CEO of Wächter PR. “The choice is huge, but consumers and media professionals have long wanted to enjoy it with a clear conscience and not at the expense of other people and nature. We are pleased that we have won a client who cares about this just as much as we do. The core of the PR strategy and challenge for the German market is therefore clearly sustainable communication on conscious enjoyment that is fun.”

Belgian premium chocolate since 1958

The history of Guylian begins with a love story. Guy Foubert was a passionate Belgian chocolatier and married the woman of his life, Liliane, in 1958. That same year, Chocolaterie Guylian was born from their shared passion for chocolate. Nine years later, in 1967, they created the iconic shells for the first time as a souvenir for their holidays on the Belgian coast. Liliane carefully designed the 11 unique shapes and marbling in white, milk and dark chocolate, while Guy put his heart and soul into the world-famous hazelnut praliné filling.

100% Fairtrade

Guylian chocolate is not only delicious, but also fair: it is made from sustainably grown Fairtrade cocoa. Thanks to this decision, West African cocoa farmers and their cooperatives receive $500,000 in Fairtrade premiums every year, ensuring them a fair income. The new packaging is fully recyclable, and the production facility in Sint-Niklaas has been climate neutral since the beginning of this year. In addition, to counteract deforestation, the brand has already stopped using palm oil and soy since 2018.

“The new positioning returns to Guylian’s roots in a modern way and at the same time looks tasteful and young,” says Liesbeth Coppens, Global Communication Manager. “Parallel to the repositioning, we set ourselves high goals in the area of targeted and sustainable communication. Wächter PR immediately recognised our way of thinking and working, so we are looking forward to working with this energetic communication partner.”

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