Swiss Cheese meets influencers

Talk of Town teams up famous food bloggers for cheese from Switzerland. Delicious recipes and travel dreams all inclusive.

Appenzeller, Le Gruyère AOP or Swiss Emmentaler AOP – Cheeses from Switzerland are world-famous and represented at every well-sorted cheese counter. Very few people know however that every piece of Appenzeller, for example, comes from one of only 50 small, mostly family-run village cheese dairies. In the golden age of the big food industry, consumers are surprised to learn about the high art of craftmanship making every piece of cheese a unique masterpiece. For the Swiss people cheese is a cultural asset, the cheese-makers live for their products and are personally and passionately committed to their outstanding quality.

Bringing the Swiss village cheese dairies to a young, food-loving and quality-conscious target group in the truest sense of the word is at the centre of the extensive PR campaign by Talk of Town. In addition to classic B2C campaigning and broad-based media cooperations with print and digital outlets, an important component for emotional and trust-worthy communication: a concept that turns food bloggers into authentic testimonials for Swiss cheese.